Monthly Archives: October 2013

The North Africa Study Group is an interdisciplinary research group which aims to bring together people with an academic or personal interest in the countries forming North Africa. For the purposes of this group, the area will comprise the countries of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia. This definition is meant to encourage interdisciplinary discussions on themes shared by these countries in the areas of culture, society, politics and history. The objective of the study group is to contribute to the development of academic enquiry on aspects of North Africa. The group specifically aims at establishing and exploring links between the different nations composing North Africa as defined here. Our focus will be to organise workshops, exhibitions and attract visiting scholars, which will contribute to the sharing, developing and disseminating of ideas in the field of North African study. Engagement with the public will also be part of the group’s remit by organising activities as well as working with North African ‘communities’ in Sheffield and its region on civic engagement projects.



Sophie Belot (University of Sheffield, TILL)

Phil McCluskey (University of Sheffield, History)

Martin Elms (University of Sheffield, English)

Stephen Connelly (University of Sheffield, Town and Regional Planning)

Sophie Watt (University of Sheffield, French)